humanizing medical
grade aesthetics

LexRx is a nurse practitioner-owned aesthetics injectable clinic, led with authenticity and authority. As KOLs in their field, their preventative and evidence-based approach has garnered the trust of thousands of clients.

the challenge

LexRx had grand aspirations from the beginning. The med-spa market is oversaturated, so communicating their differentiators was critical to their success. LexRx needed a foundational brand with the flexibility to expand along with their lofty business goals beyond just injectables. The identity needed to be clinical, and medical-based, yet approachable and inclusive.

the creative

Inspired by the classic prescription pad, the brand is clean and precise. The clinical visual elements are softened by a pastel palette and a gestural illustration style. This successful balance puts clients at ease, instilling a sense of confidence and approachability.

The service illustrations serve a dual purpose – they convey the technique and outcome of each service, and with a diverse representation across gender and race, they embody LexRx’s approachability and inclusivity. These illustrations were such a hit in the industry, that we had to add an embedded LexRx “signature” to deter IP theft.

We revamped a disjointed product line by developing consistent label design with an expandable structure for product nomenclature to increase customer understanding and boost sales.

A custom, accessible e-commerce site synthesizes the brand elements and brings the charm of the brick and mortar locations to the digital format. A clean and concise user interface provides a seamless shopping experience. To prevent decision fatigue, Pinkergreen developed a client-facing quiz to identify key skin challenges and concerns, resulting in a curated selection of products.

A coordinated welcome email flow drives traffic to specific features on the site, and educates clients with engaging graphics, tips and product information.

Beyond the digital presence, Pinkergreen developed adaptable environmental graphics and installations, customized for each new physical location.

the impact

Streamlined information hierarchy and clear UX/UI led to 24% increase in booking conversion on the new e-commerce site.

In order to stand out in a saturated market you must align your business with strategic partners that elevate your brand and treat it as their own—Pinkergreen does that for us day in and day out.

services provided

Brand Identity
E-commerce Website Design 
Product Strategy and Design
Quiz Strategy, Logic and Design

Print Marketing Design
Digital Marketing Design
Medical Animations 
Environmental Design